Mark S. Sweetman
Attorney at Law
Clovis New Mexico

Mark S. Sweetman has been practicing law since 1987, with a clear focus on advocating for personal injury victims and wrongful death survivors. He has achieved favorable outcomes for many satisfied clients through aggressive settlement negotiations and trial verdicts. Experience in insurance defense gives him extensive insight for properly setting up claims and obtaining positive financial compensation for our clients.

At the Law Office of Mark S. Sweetman in Clovis, New Mexico, we are well equipped to handle your auto accident and personal injury case, pursuing all avenues to prove fault and maximize the compensation you receive. Our strengths include over 17 years experience, commitment to very thorough, knowledgeable accident investigation and strong follow through until the case is resolved.

We provide free consultations and serve our accident/injury clients on a contingency basis — which means you will not owe any attorney’s fee unless we are successful on your behalf.

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