Motorcycle Accidents

Clovis Motorcycle Accident Attorney Helps Injury Victims.

Motorcycle accidents are often extremely serious!  Accidents, involving motorcycles typically occur because of negligence. Motorcyclists are especially susceptible to accidents because motorcycle drivers are often overlooked by other drivers because of their size.  Often times the injuries received in a motorcycle accident are serious, long-lasting and catastrophic because the motorcycle operator does not receive adequate protection from serious injury like the operator of an automobile does.

At a time that you as a motorcycle rider are suffering from injury’s received as the result of another negligence, is the very time that focused and serious attention needs to be expended in order to protect your rights and to recover all that is rightfully due to you or your family.   As in all traffic accidents, it is essential to preserve all evidence and investigate the accident scene in a timely manner; in addition, expert witnesses and physicians need to completely evaluate all injuries.  You need the services of an experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney on your side.

Eighty percent of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death.
Head injury is the leading cause of biker injuries and fatalities.

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